Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day weekend

Our Memorial day weekend was filled with fun with close friends and family.

We have started a new tradition of waking  up and having coffee on our back porch with Jack in tow.  He just loves seeing Ms. Lucy, our dog, and hanging out.  Saturday's morning coffee was followed by brunch with some of Michael's family.  We took them to one of our favorite brunch places, the Soulard Coffee Garden.
It was Granma Phyllis' last day in town, so we had to take advantage.  She and Jack made fast friends as she commented over and over again on what a happy baby he is.

That afternoon we went grocery shopping and then hung out with our neighbors and friends, the Gregory's for some yummy ka-bobs and homemade banana pudding!  It was a wonderful time and Jack and Lilly had a great time playing in the little pool together:
Jack was such a champ and Lily decided to pour water on him :)
I think our little guy is going to be a swimmer. I can't wait to enroll him in swimming classes.

After swimming, we of course had to snuggle with our little water frog
We got home around 9:30 and all crashed.  Sunday morning started with our usual coffee outside and then Michael and I worked in the yard while Jack played on the porch.  Monday, Jack and I played in our little pool for a bit and then headed over to our new friends, The Hadicans.  They too have a little boy with a little something extra and he is a few months older than Jack.  We loved watching Jack and Aiden play together..they still aren't sure what to think of one another.
We are becoming fast friends with the Hadicans and are so grateful for our friends here in St. Louis.  I used to dread the holidays here in the city because Michael and I don't have our parents or siblings nearby, but I am finding that our friends are becoming our family here and it makes me look forward to other holidays.  And we would never have met the Gregory's if we hadn't bought a house in the city and we would never have met the Hadicans if it weren't for this blog written about a very special boy.  I am reminded of how life falls into place in ways you never imagined and how good it is that it does.  Jack's Birthday is just weeks away and we are getting so excited!! I can't wait to celebrate his beautiful life!!

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