Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I am incredibly excited! My parents and nephew come into town for Jack's Birthday!!!  They should be here by the time I get off work.  I can't wait to sit around the dinner table tonight and laugh and have fun and I am looking forward to coffee tomorrow morning with my mom while holding Jack too! Then on Saturday we will celebrate the most wonderful boy in all the land!! JACK!!!

Yesterday, I was pretty bummed out because I learned that 90% of detected Down syndrome pregnancies are aborted.  I couldn't help but be sad and angry by that. After all, Jack is turning one year old, but he has been alive for much longer than than..he was alive in utero.    I hope and pray over time and through education that people become more aware and that staggering statistic drops lower and lower and lower. And I pray for women everywhere who are getting a diagnosis today, tomorrow, in the future, who feel they have a choice to make...Oh I hope they choose based on love and education.  I hope they are able to see the blessing that life will be..we all know it's hard, but I think we can all say - that the blessing of having a child with special needs far outweigh any and all difficulties. I hope one day I will get to advocate more for our son and for all people with DS.  I know that Jack is changing lives just by his existence and I am humbled to be apart of it.

Completely different note: I came across this - this morning and it made me soo very happy:

Please watch and learn more about their story at:

I can't wait to post photos from Jack's 1st Birthday!  Have a great weekend everyone!!


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  2. I edited this post. A lady wrote to me telling that my words were harsh. I had originally stated that it gives me hope that more DS pregnancies are not diagnosed in utero....This un-diagnosis would mean that less women are given the option for abortion which would mean that less DS children are aborted. I was speaking out of sadness of the 90% of diagnosed pregnancies that are aborted. For those who are diagnosed and decide to keep their child, I respect and know that the time you have to plan and prepare is precious to your families - I was not saying that you should not have gotten the diagnosis...I am glad you did and I am glad you chose life. Thank you for your comment and insight anonymous have made me aware of my comments and how they could offend, which was not my intention.