Monday, June 28, 2010

1 Year old stats and stuff

Well, it finally came. Jack turned 1!  I really can't believe it's been one year since he entered our lives. Time flies by way too fast!

We went to the doctor last week and here are his stats:

weight: 19 pounds, 15 ounces...almost 20!
length: 29 1/8 inches
Head circumference: 43.9 cm

He has grown in all areas since his 9 month check-up and is in the 75th percentile on the DS charts.  He is in the 0-5% on the 'typical' charts.  We have such a little guy.

"So what is he doing? " I hate that question most of the time, but I enjoyed it this visit.

Jack is being completely goofy, happy, and making all sorts of sounds.  He is transitioning from babble to baby conversation.  He knows who mama and dada are.  He imitates movements and sounds most of the time.  He is eating table foods and drinking from a cup sometimes.  He is starting to transition to whole milk and doing quite well.  He holds his bottle/cup well.  He picks up finger foods sometimes, but still needs lots of encouragement there. He is bearing weight on his legs and will stand if he has something to hold on to.  He will get in the crawling position spontaneously, but only holds it for a few seconds.  He will turn pages of a book sometimes, he anticipates tickles and loves peek-a-boo. He shows favoritism over certain toys/books.  He will sit up with support at his hips.  He still needs more strength in his tummy..those 2 abdominal surgeries have really set him back in that area.  He communicates with smiles, laughs, babbles, fussiness and yells.  Yes, he sort of "yells" when he wants your's pretty cute.  He has been rolling over like a champ both ways for quite sometime and still continues to move throughout a room this way.  When I think of all the things he is doing, I am pretty impressed. It definitely pays to focus on those instead of the things he isn't doing.  Our pediatrician was quite impressed and happy with his development thus far...relief.  I can breathe.

As far as health concerns -
Jack's recent surgery for his hernia has us all a little concerned. It looks like another hernia is starting to bloom.  sigh.  hate surgery...ready to be past this.  Our pediatrician recommended that we see the surgeon again (have an appt in a couple weeks) and that if he does have to have it repaired that we try to wait until he is sitting up unsupported or else this will set him back yet again.  There is a possiblity that it could just be scar tissue.

Jack has also had a few (3 to be exact) unexplained fevers that were pretty high in the past 5 weeks.  They only lasted a day or 2 and no other symptoms were with them.  Therefore, we are starting a daily diary for Jack tracking all his foods to see if it's a possible allergy somewhere and also to track these fevers.  We are also going to get some bloodwork to make sure his red and white blood cells are numbering appropriately.  I am a little nervous, but hopeful that everything will be ok.  We should be getting that done this week and have results a few days later.

Other than that, our goofy boy is doing quite well!

And loving water like it's ...well, water!  These were taken Saturday night:

I think he is going to be Elmo's biggest fan!


  1. Way to go Jack! Look at all those great things you are doing!! You are one awesome boy!

  2. Jack you're doing so well!!!! Good job!

  3. Yay Jack! You are getting so big! Liam loves the water too-it makes summertime so much fun!!

  4. I love the pics with him in the bath. So cute! His 1 year stats are great and he is doing so many wonderful things!