Friday, February 18, 2011

We Love Mexican Food

Just some pics from last weekend when Jack and I enjoyed some Mexican food w/ friends. I'll leave the part out where he decided to throw salsa on the floor and freak out towards the end.  Why do people stare when a child cries, btw?  Jack rarely acts up in public...but he had a meltdown towards the end of dinner. I def did not take pics of that.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack is almost 2

Had a girls night this weekend!  And what would a girls night be without:

Chocolate Martinis, yummy appetizers and funny movies...check!

And then this one woke up and decided to crash our party:

 No Jack - you will not be watching Sex in the City...Not happening love.

It was a nice weekend, but Jack has croup again and possibly asthma - so we are on breathing treatments for a couple weeks.  And in case you weren't aware - albuterol - the medicine given during treatments is like crack for kids.  Everytime Jack has a treatment, he is climbing the walls.  I have evidence...see below:

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 6:30 PM:

Jack scoots his chair over to coffee table...hmm, wonder what he is up I get the camera and watch.

Then he begins climbing in his chair:

More climbing and eventually some standing:

And now it's time to sweep everything off the table:

Notice the look on his face in the above picture...he is looking at me to see if I am watching!!!

Then he flashes a cute smile and laugh for good measure:

And then he decides he is cute and confident enough to actually climb ON TOP of the coffee table:

And when I stopped him and made him get down...he fell backwards into the floor and gave me this face:

Oh my sweet Jack.  We have a climber.  No turning back now...our world is changing...oh dear!

Happy Wednesday!