Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Jack is almost 2

Had a girls night this weekend!  And what would a girls night be without:

Chocolate Martinis, yummy appetizers and funny movies...check!

And then this one woke up and decided to crash our party:

 No Jack - you will not be watching Sex in the City...Not happening love.

It was a nice weekend, but Jack has croup again and possibly asthma - so we are on breathing treatments for a couple weeks.  And in case you weren't aware - albuterol - the medicine given during treatments is like crack for kids.  Everytime Jack has a treatment, he is climbing the walls.  I have evidence...see below:

Tuesday, Feb 8th, 6:30 PM:

Jack scoots his chair over to coffee table...hmm, wonder what he is up I get the camera and watch.

Then he begins climbing in his chair:

More climbing and eventually some standing:

And now it's time to sweep everything off the table:

Notice the look on his face in the above picture...he is looking at me to see if I am watching!!!

Then he flashes a cute smile and laugh for good measure:

And then he decides he is cute and confident enough to actually climb ON TOP of the coffee table:

And when I stopped him and made him get down...he fell backwards into the floor and gave me this face:

Oh my sweet Jack.  We have a climber.  No turning back now...our world is changing...oh dear!

Happy Wednesday!


  1. LOL.....I just did a post about walking and climbing, yesterday!! I feel your pain:/ There is something to say about "terrible two's"! (Landon will be 2 on Friday) YIKES!!!!

  2. oh my I know what you mean about the abuterol. W did xopenex (no bad effects) for 2 years when he was younger and we didnt start back with it again until he was hospitalized this past Dec. They gace him abuterol in the hosp. and he was NUTS thank goodness our ped put him back on xopenex b/c Id be one crazy mama with a boy on that horrid stuff!