Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Happy Happy Birthday to our sweet Jack.  I can't believe you are one year old today.  I remember this time last year and how eager we were to meet you and hold you and see you.  My life changed on this day a year ago.  My heart exploded with love for you.  Our lives have taken such a journey over the past year and you have taken us to places we never thought we would go, but we loved better and bigger because of you.  You have forever changed your daddy and me.  You are magic. a miracle. a blessing and gift.  We are completely entranced by your smile and the way you live life.  We love you our special, magical one.  Thank you for loving us and for making each day wonderful.  We will love you forever and like you for always, as long as we're living, our baby you'll be.

And of course, there was a party to celebrate.  We celebrated with close friends, family and therapists!
The birthday boy and his crown!  

Papa above sporting the "Tennessee orange"
 I know it's blurry, but it's the only one of all 3 of us that day...so sweet.

Here comes the cake and oh the mess it created :)

btw - the pressure of the birthday cake is something difficult for moms of children with special needs...everyone expects them to dive in and go nuts like most kids do, and as you can see Jack wasn't too sure of it...but he did sort of dive in:
Way to go Jack!!!  I thought he was going to suck off those little fingers!  I think he liked the cake :)  We were very proud of him.

Next...opening presents:
He got so many nice things..thank you to all of you!  We have had much fun playing with them and will continue to.

And here are some photos of the groupies:
Above - Jack with Laura (close friend of mine) and Chad.
Jack with Jill (Speech Ther) and Paul
with Katie (PT) and Doug
with Shannon, our good friend.
Barrett and Aiden - Jack's buddy

And at the end of a long, hot day:

 Playing with Noah
Attacking Papa's glasses


cuddling with Grammy

It was a success!  Very,very hot day for an outside birthday party, but fun nonetheless.  I think next year, we will have it inside or at a pool!  Thanks to all of you who came and helped make it a special day. And to all of you who have been a part of Jack's 1st year and have loved him and us through some hard times and through lots of happy ones - we love you all and are grateful for each and every one of you!

Happy Birthday magical one. We love you soooo much!


  1. Happy birthday, you gorgeous little boy!!!! I just love the cuddly picture at the end. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday Big Boy! Yay Jack for diggin' right into that cake:)

  3. Happy Birthday to your sweet adorable boy! I am glad I checked your blog today. =)

  4. Happy Birthday Jack! Looks like a wonderful day.

  5. Happy 1st Birthday Jack! What a super fun party! And look at you surrounded by all that LOVE:) You are doing so many amazing things!! Whatever will the next year bring?!!

  6. Hello! It's great to meet you!!! Glad you found me when you did, Now I get to wish Jack a very Happy First Birthday!!!
    He is adorable!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Jack! How awesome it is to be a one year old! Just think of all the great things you are going to learn and do this next year~