Friday, May 28, 2010

Birthday Planning!!

I started planning Jack's 1st Birthday months ago.  I have never been so excited about a Birthday in my life!!  There's something about celebrating our son that really excites me.  I think of all the love and laughter and joy he has brought to our family and how life is better with him in it, and it moves me to celebration.  We will have a small party, filled with friends and family who love Jack.  That is the invitation: Lovers of Jack welcome.  Here is the actual invite:
 Of course with all the personal details blacked out...but isn't he adorable?!!

And a prince should definitely have Prince attire:

And he must have clothing to match:

here is the whole shebang:
btw - I love Target.

I can't wait to celebrate our little munchkin!  He definitely deserves celebration. I  still have not ordered a cake or finished getting decorations.  I've still got a few weeks.  It will probably be the hottest day known to man, but we are still going to have TONS of fun! 

And here's a shot from this very morning of the Birthday-boy-to-be:

Have a great Memorial Day weekend everyone!  We are planning to do some swimming and Michael is going to build Jack a swing...while Jack and I are enjoying our little pool and sipping lemonade :)  It's a tough life ;)

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