Monday, April 26, 2010

Meet Julie with DS

I came across this page today:

Here is a letter this young lady, Julie, with DS wrote:

Smiles.  I love what she writes about her dad being slow to cook.  I can't wait to hear the insightful things our Jack has to say and the love he has to give.

More on Julie:

Now that you have read her letter, I think you’ll agree that Julie is a very wise and insightful person. Julie’s “Love Chromosome” is something she would like to share. “I wish everybody could have one” she says.  As you get to know Julie, you will see countless ways this love chromosome affects those around her.  Allow me to share one such example:
Julie and her mom, Barb were at the grocery store together when Julie was 5. A man entered the door wearing a dirty, wrinkled, old trench coat. He was unshaven and disheveled. His hair was so greasy that it stuck in clumps. He probably smelled too, but Barb was not going to get close enough to find out. She thought how unnecessary this was as her town had one of the best Rescue Missions in the country. “At least get some clean clothes and TAKE a shower!” she thought.
While checking out Barb took Julie out of the cart. Julie took off like a shot towards the man with both her arms outstretched. He bent down and picked Julie up as she nestled into his disgustingly dirty neck. Barb panicked thinking he would harm Julie and rushed to the man grabbing Julie back and saying (not so nicely) “THIS IS MY CHILD!”
What happened next has burned itself into Barb’s mind forever.  The man looked at her with tears rolling down his filthy cheek.  “Lady,” he said,  “I can’t tell you the last time somebody wanted to hold ME”.
You see, Barb saw a man and she judged him.  Julie saw a need and she hugged it.

Story also found here:

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. All I can say is...Wow. Thank you for posting that. Both parts of your post were so moving. I look forward to reading more about Julie. She sounds like an amazing woman.

  2. This letter is just wonderful!

  3. what a great story! i also love that she hugged the man in the grocery store. how neat!