Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Life this past week

Jack continues to work on sitting up...he is getting so close and is doing much better at prop sitting:
 He will sit like this for about 30 seconds - 1 minute and then arch his back and fall backwards.  He still loves being on his tummy and back more than sitting up.  I know once he masters this skill he will enjoy it, but for now it's not his favorite thing :)

We went to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday with our neighbors, Jamie and Eric, Eric's mom - Jeannie, and their 2 children: Lilly and Will.  It was a beautiful day.
He is Mr. Relaxed and laid back with his feet propped up and that adorable grin.
Ms. Lilly: blanket - Check, sippy cup - check, paci - check...LET'S GO!
Michael and Jack having one of their secret conversations
The tulips, which will forever remind me of our own personal trip to Holland, were beautiful and colorful and happy.  They were all throughout the park and made me smile each time I saw them.

We are working on finger play and finger food eating with Jack.  Here are some pics from playing last night:
And here is a picture from this 6:30 am as Jack just had his thyroid medicine...he is such a morning baby!
It's been a nice week and we are looking forward to the weekend. We also went to a Down Syndrome play group this past Saturday, but I forgot my camera so no pics.  Our new friends, Barrett and Brian were there with their little one, Aiden.  We had a great time and the boys enjoyed playing with all the fun toys.  It's nice to have friends walking through similar stuff and we are so grateful for them.

on a side note - Jack has surgery for his hernia this Friday. This procedure has been scheduled and rescheduled 3 times due to past illnesses.  We are looking forward to finally getting it over with, but are still nervous.  The anesthesia part is the hardest and of course, handing him over.  Please keep Jack and the surgeons in your thoughts and prayers this Friday.

Have a great week!


  1. will be prayin...let me know how things go!

  2. Jack look so happy and like he would be so much fun to be around!

    I will most definitely keep him in my prayers. <3

  3. I know I commented on FB too, but I just love his smile in the first pic!