Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter and Thoughts

Well, I am not sure what to call this post, but maybe I'll figure it out as I write.  I tend to use this blog as my outlet.  I can get my frustrations, concerns, triumphs out by writing them, so I appreciate those of you who listen.

We had a great Easter.  My husband's family was in town and it was filled with great food, lots of laughter, wonderful conversation, and just loveliness.  I love my husband's family.  His dad, Steve, is an older version of my husband and when they are together it's just hilarious.  They feed off of one another and have "man-versations" while Marcia (Busia), Christa (Michael's sister) and I chat.  Marcia, Christa and I went to the park with Little Jack on Saturday and out to lunch while the men did "manly" things at our house.  We enjoyed meals with extended family on both Saturday and Sunday nights and went to a Catholic Mass on Sunday.  I have never been to a Catholic mass before, so it was quite interesting. I grew up Protestant.  Jack was great during the service.  He slept through the first part and just cuddled on my chest for the rest.  He loved looking at the beautiful art that was all around us.  And as I listened to the Easter story and sang songs that I have known my entire life, I was humbled. As I held my baby boy I felt more love and graciousness for meaning of Easter.  I won't go into a religious spill here, but let's just say, it was good to celebrate Easter and to be with my family that morning singing songs and listening to scripture, reminding us why we celebrate Easter.

Here are some pics:

Opening Easter basket from Busia (Busia means Grandma in Polish):

Handmade Easter Basket from Busia:
Opening Easter Basket from Nana (Sent from TN):
Reading with Granpa and Busia:

Hanging out with Granpa:
Playing with Aunt Christa:
More Playing with Granpa and Busia:
We hope everyone had a great Easter!  We are looking forward to hunting eggs next year!


  1. hi,
    i heard you guys went to the basilica.. and that you saw us as you guys were leaving- wish we would have run into you!

  2. love, love, love, love, LOVE, your pictures!!! The one of you three and the one naked with Grandpa...etc..etc...etc... LOVE them!