Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Watching Jack play tonight...he went from signing "water" cause he wanted some of mine, to pulling up to shelves to get toys, saying "bubbles" - bringing me the container of "bubbles" and then saying "open" - to bouncing a ball with me in the bathroom - cause the bathroom floor is the best place to bounce a ball apparently and who am I to argue with that :) - we worked on "1,2,3, Go" for getting him to bounce the ball - he knows and uses the sign for "go" but I just started introducing numbers and he is already - after 1 day - trying to imitate me with his little fingers.  You can see him concentrating so hard to try to count 1,2,3 like Mommy.  It's so stinkin cute and tonight I welled up watching him  My sweet boy.

Then bath time followed by books.  He signed "book" brought me 2 books and then said "open" - then he signed "twinkle twinkle" and we sang - and then he signed "spider" and we sang the itsy bitsy spider - then he crawled to the kitchen signed "milk" and "cracker".  So we ended the night with milk and a few wheat thins. All of the things above he did on his own. I basically followed his lead and I was completely and utterly overwhelmed.  My eyes filled with tears many times cause I am so stinkin proud of him.  He is communicating with me non stop and I love it - I am beaming with pride and joy that he is my son.  I love sitting back and watching him - I love that he looks for something that he wants, remembers where it is, finds it and then brings it to me.  And I really love that when he signs "twinkle" or "spider" that he insists on being in my lap, cradled in my arms - cause  momma's arms are the best place for songs.  He will be 2 in one week.  And the past 2 years have been the biggest blessings of my life because of him.  There has been a lot of pain too, but so much more joy.  I love, love, love my sweet, adorable son.  No one will ever be more proud than me of him.  I know he will do wonderful things.  I know that our life will be good.  I have the most wonderful 2 little hands to hold, and sweet face to kiss - my cup completely overflows.


  1. well, you should be proud he is one amazing little guy :)thanks for sharing

  2. Our boys are 11. Both boys learned sign language as babies. One of our twins has DS. Both boys still use sign language in their daily conversations. What a special gift that Jack is getting by learning to sign. And yes, he is just too "stinkin" cute!

    Be gentle.