Friday, June 24, 2011

Sweet Connections

Friday – lunchtime at work – went with the girls to sit outside. I love my co-workers. Each of them are wonderful and kind and hard workers. I am very blessed to work with such great people. We work at a Cancer Center and all do research for cancer patients – the campus we work on is quite large. It’s a medical school and hospital. On our way back to our building, I noticed a beautiful young lady sitting outside with what looked like her mom and another family member. Immediate connection. I know those slanted eyes. I know that smile and that nose and small hands and short legs. I know that disposition. She has DS and I had to talk to her. She had a tracheal tube because she has ARDS – a respiratory illness – and they had just seeing the doctor. I found out that she is 22 and loves to swim. She has a boyfriend named Mark that she loves very much. I told her how much I liked her pretty pink shirt and she responded, “you are too kind”. She was precious. I hugged her and showed pictures of my little Jack on my phone. I was so proud. Her mom told me how blessed I am to have him and that life is going to be filled with moments of overwhelming love and joy.

I can’t tell you the immediate bond I feel when I meet a family like the one I did today. Kindred spirits. We immediately know and share a crazy love and story. We know the challenges each day can bring and I could tell that this mom and I have the same outlook – there is more good than bad. MUCH MUCH MORE. And I could tell by the look in her eyes how much she adores her daughter. I love being a part of this little group of people. I love meeting eyes with another mom of a child with DS and “knowing” everything with one glance. We have both cried, laughed, prayed, labored and fought for our children on a daily basis. We have had sleepless nights worrying about therapy and medical procedures. We have cried when someone has said something offensive and we have worked endlessly each day to make sure our children know how incredible they are and how much we love them. I may be “all alone” in St. Louis, but when I meet women like her, I am reminded of a much larger family that we are a part of. It’s an honor to be a part of this family and I wouldn’t’ have it any differently.

Jack and his buddy Andrew

As parents of kids with disabilities we have a choice to make each day. To live life to the fullest, enjoying our children and celebrating the things that they can and will do or we can mourn something that we can’t change. I love my son and I choose to celebrate his life and his extra chromosome. There are def days for mourning and sadness, but those get less and less as the days go by. Most of our days are spent with much laughter and over-flowing love. If you are a new mom – be encouraged. You are in for an incredible journey – let yourself enjoy it.

Here is Jack with 2 of his buddies: Aiden and Andrew

PS – Jack turned 2 this past Wednesday!!!!!!!!!!!!! Birthday party tomorrow. Can’t wait to celebrate his life with many close friends!!


  1. Happy birthday to Jack!! Great post - you are absolutely right about how we all have that connection, as we have felt and done all of those same things. Doesn't mean we all have to be friends, but we do all understand the basic fundamentals of life with our kids. :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Jack! Loved everything you said in this post :)

  3. the "connections" are something everyone doesnt understand until you have a child with DS or special needs but it is a great thing.
    happy birthday little guy!