Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An overdue update

This will probably end up being the most random post.  I haven't written in a while and a lot has happened.

So I'll start with I turned 29 on March 20th.  Unfortunately many of my friends were out of town, but a few were still here and I desperately wanted Mexican, Margaritas and dancing.  So they delivered:

It was quite fun to go out - get dressed up, eat fabulous food, have a few margaritas and dance. I won't tell you that I danced a group of girls who were 22 or that the oldest person on the dance floor besides myself was 26...that would be too embarrassing to tell :)  I needed to cut loose though.  I love to dance, and I only get to do it once in a blue moon.  I think I will make it a tradition each birthday - Mexican, Margaritas and dancing. 

You can also see that Jack and I moved.  That was in my previous post.  I like our place - it's cozy and feels like home now.  I am not sure how long we will be here but for now it is good.  Jack is doing wonderfully.  I think he will be walking soon.  He is cruising quite well and his signing has really taken off. I am out of signs to teach him, so I am working hard to learn more.  He is also verbalizing a lot more.  He says "mom" and "uh oh" regularly now.  It's the cutest thing in the world!!!

We went to a luncheon at the Pujols foundation a couple weeks ago.  It was a luncheon for moms who have kiddos w/ DS under the age of 3.

Here are some photos from the event:

As you can see from the above pictures, there were many women there.  They provided childcare - which was great and Jack basically had a room full of women - college women - at his disposal. Needless to say he was in heaven :) 

The event was truly wonderful. I loved meeting other moms and hanging out w/ Barrett.  Hearing Deidre Pujols' story was incredible as well.  She has Isabella, their daughter with DS, when she was 20 I believe.  She met Albert when Isabella was only 8 weeks old.  If you haven't seen his interview on 60 minutes you should watch it:

Anywho she talked about the struggles and joys of having a child w/ DS.  They also have 4 other children.  There wasn't a dry eye while she was talking.  I was quickly reminded of the bond all of us moms of kids w/ DS share.  We share a very unique thing and very unique love.  At that moment I felt so close to all those women and so grateful to be a part of such an elite group.

When I got home though, I cried.  I cried and cried and cried.  I am pretty sure I was the only single mom there.  Women talked about how supportive their husbands were and involved they were as dads, and I couldn't say any of that.  I hate that for Jack. I know everyone says that he will get what he needs from me, but we all know that a boy having a father is extremely important.  And I will do all the boy things.  We will play ball, wrestle, and I'll even spit like a man if I have to, but I hope one day a man enters our lives and I walk into the room to watch them working on swinging a bat or wrestling on the floor or even just reading a book. I want that for Jack.  I want that for us.  I am so blessed to have him in my life and to be a part of this elite circle of people.  I have no clue what the future holds, but I know that Jack and I will smile often and laugh tons and the love that will be in our home will be never ending.

He has started singing on his own and  it's the cutest thing.  I will see him in the car and he is making noises but doing the motions to itsy bitsy spider or twinkle twinkle. I can't believe how freakin smart he is.  Sometimes I am just blown away.  He lights up every room and totally fills my heart with joy. 

So, that's us.  I also started a new job.  I started working for the Siteman Cancer Center yesterday here in St. Louis. I am a Clinical Research Coordinator for Phase 1 Clinical Trials.  I am soooooooooo excited to be in this job and love it already.  It is hard seeing the patients in such difficult circumstances but I truly enjoy talking with them and I know I will enjoy being a part of their lives and hopefully make the journey a little easier by communicating and loving well. 

I also visitied an old friend this past wekeend which was wonderful.  A much needed break for me. 

Ok, so that's the long and short of it. Life continues here in St. Louis and my little munchkin is my heart and soul. Thanks to all you DS moms for sharing your journey's through blogging and for reading mine.  You have no idea how grateful I am for all of you.  Big Hugs!!!

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  1. I am SO impressed with Jack! He is one smart cookie...hmmm, I wonder where he gets that :) Mommy of course! I am so impressed with you as well. You are strong (even if it feels sometimes like you aren't) you are DOING it and not just half assed, you are working, doing therapies, playing, loving, laughing with your little one. You are inspiring, hugs! Jack will be fine because you're his mama!