Monday, March 28, 2011


A quick update about some newness in our lives.  Jack and I moved into our new place this past weekend - love it!  Felt good to be out of the house of lies as I have been calling it.  I bought new sheets and new bedding, new towels - just wanted a fresh, clean start.  We have a nice deck where we will grow some tomato plants and peppers this summer and of course grill often!  Neighbors are nice and Jack is loving exploring every inch.  It was a fun weekend for sure. Enjoy the photos:

The Living Room

I want to get a clock to go on the wall between the shelves

Still working on the kitchen.  Going to get a round mirror to go on Brick wall and gotta figure out something for the wood paneling.

Need to paint my chairs - will wait for warmer weather.


My Room

Jacker's Room

Bathroom - gotta love the blue toilet, huh :)

Back to living room - leading to the deck

I do like it - it's cozy and nice. I just can't think about the fact that I am 29 and living in an apt again.  But for us - right now - it makes total sense.

Other news - Jack is starting to cruise!  Literally Sunday morning (we moved in Sat) he started cruising from chair to chair...I freaked out - so proud of him. He is really taking off!!

And I got a new job!!!! I have been praying - as well as many others - for a new job at Wash U for quite some time -months - maybe a year even, and I was offered a position in Oncology on Friday. I will tell more details later.  But I am excited and can't wait to share more later.

Happy Monday!!!!


  1. It's beautiful! Congratulations!!

    Love that brick wall! Everything sounds like it's falling into place!

  2. Looks great! I love your taste in decor! Where did you get the great lamp in your bedroom?

  3. Hooray for you and beginnings-cheers to you for embracing them!
    Jack looks so big!! Enjoy the cruisin', mama!

  4. Congrats on the new job!!! I really like your apartment and you have excellent decorating style! I especially like that you have bottles/glasses of wine strategically placed in almost every room! Ha ha! I hope you and Jack are enjoying the new "uncontaminated" space! Keep in touch. --Sarah

  5. Nice to meet you at the brunch yesterday - you mentioned you were divorced but I didn't catch that it was quite so recent. You seem to be doing fabulously! I don't know if congratulations or sympathy is appropriate so will offer both. I know it's rough (speaking as a child thereof - and yes, 'rough' is a dramatic understatement) but your son is ADORABLE. Best wishes...