Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Can a new blood test make babies with down syndrome disappear?

I can't tell you how much articles and ideas like this hurt.  To think that the scientific community is trying to weed out children like Jack is bone chilling.  I work in the scientific community and don't always agree with certain research, but I absolutely abhor this shit.  (sorry - I am pissed).  Unreal.  Seriously - people are funding this sort of research!? This has to be genocide on some level.  This is ridiculous and if I could go picket right now I would.  I totally understand the screening side of the article/ detecting the presence of Trisomy 21 for families so that they can be informed...but let's be honest.  Most research like this has one goal: perfection of species.  And by creating such tests, they can allow more moms the option of abortion, thereby, saving our world from the presence of DS.  I could scream.  I don't think I have been this angry in a while.  I should shut up before I say more things.  Seriously - though, how could the world think this is bad and should disappear:


  1. I'm right there with you on this one!!! It truly is DISGUSTING!! And this is using money wisely???!! Hmmmmm, I think NOT!

  2. I totaly agree! Stuff like this enrages me, its just sick!

  3. I'm enraged also. I'm in the scientific world too with my career, and it is so frustrating to hear some of the things that actually come out of some "professionals" mouths!

  4. I just blogged about this yesterday- I didn't know you had as well! I am putting together a slideshow in response to this article and the comments afterwards. I would love to include Jack if you are willing? Send a pic to my email if you are..