Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Future and more Photos

I suppose every parent wonders what their child will be like when they grow up; what they will do, what they will look like, who they will marry, etc.  It's not so different when you have a child with developmental delays or chromosomal abnormalities.  The only difference is that those common questions seem to carry a little more fear and uncertainty.  Of course we have high hopes for Jack.  We will work extrememly hard to provide him with a life that will allow him to excel and experience the fullness of life, but that doesn't take away the fear of the future.

I am inspired when I read stories/articles like these:


This is a website company started by 2 individuals who have DS.  I like what Megan (one of the owners) says in regards to DS, "Kids with Down syndrome can do all the things other kids can do. It just takes us a little longer. When people show us what to do, we learn easier and faster."  Which reminds me to continue to be patient with Jack knowing that he will eventually 'get' the things we are trying to teach him. Megan and Eric make money for their company by selling cards with the faces of children and adults with Down Syndrome so as to spread awareness.  How wonderful.


This post, by Dave Hingsburger, recalls a story about a man with DS.  A mother and her son (pre-teen w/ DS) were having lunch and the mother wanted to go with him to get his food and then he could go with her to get hers.  This seemed so silly to the young man.  He insisted to his mother that he was capable of getting his own food.  They started arguing a bit, and finally the young man says, "Trouble is you think I have Down Syndrome all the time and I don't,'"he said with real frustration. She stopped again, 'What?'    The young man then says, "I only have Down Syndrome sometimes, when I'm learning something new or if the words are real hard. I don't have Down Syndrome the rest of the time when I'm doing what I know how to do."

I need to remember quotes like that as we are rearing Jack. I need to remember that his diagnosis doesn't define him or all the things he does or doesn't do.

I love you Jack.  I can't wait to see and hear what your dreams and interests are and I know you will accomplish them.  Your dad and I will stand by and help you when needed.  And remind us, if we forget, that you are capable and able to do all things.  We love you.

And to end this post with photos, of course, here are some more from our Littlest Heroes shoot, courtesy or Laurie Knowling Photography (

have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Your blog is so inspiring. It's just what I needed to read today. Jack is wonderful and so precious. Love the pictures!!

  2. awesome post, bradi! love it! will definitely remember that quote!

  3. Those photos are simply AMAZING. Can you tell me what Littlest Heroes is? I keep reading about it on other blogs as well...thanks!

  4. Oh cool, got your comment about the link, thank you! I'm not on FB do I set up my blogger to accept emails? I need to go look into that, I'm assuming I don't have that set right. Anyway, thanks for the info!

  5. He si SOOO cute. thanks for writing!

  6. Really love that quote! Great pics, such a cute little guy!

  7. I love your Little Jack! Keep posting the photos!