Friday, February 19, 2010

Busia, Grammy and Nana

Since little Jack has to be in daycare, he is bound to get ill from time to time.  Well, last week brought the dreaded RSV.  He started running a fever Monday night, and I stayed home with him through Thursday.  Thursday afternoon, we ended up going to the pediatrician and after taking his blood oxygen levels, they sent us on our way…the ER again.  
This would be our 3rd trip to the ER in Jack’s little 8 months of life.  I feel like we are regulars there, after surgery and croup on trips one and two.
This time, my hope was that it would a short stay and we would be back home recovering before we knew it.  After the chest x-ray, it was revealed that Jack had pneumonia as well.  Not fun.  Our hopeful one night stay turned into 6 nights.  We were there Thursday through the following Wednesday.  I wept on Friday as I didn’t want to be in the hospital, as I didn’t want Jack to be ill and as I wanted him to breathe well on his own.  He continued to eat like a champ…I don’t think he will ever miss a meal and the only thing keeping us there was his low oxygen levels.  This is the time that I miss our families the most.  When life is hard.  When your baby is sick and you are tired.  When you need some extra hands and some extra hugs.

That’s just when Marcia, “Busia” called.  My wonderful Mother-in-law called from Denver and offered to fly out on Sunday to sit with Jack during the days at the hospital so I could get some work done and get some rest.  I didn’t hesitate…YES, please come.  I cried as we got off the phone…Thank God for Busia (Busia means Grandmother in Polish).  She flew in Sunday night and got to spend 3 days with our little Jackers in the hospital.  Jack loved it.  She read to him, played with him, helped the nurses, fed him, changed his diapers…she was my extra hands.  She put up with the arrogant doctor...And I know now why we need family.  I really needed her and she came and she went above and beyond the call of grandmotherly duty and was honored to play with her adorable grandson for 3 days.  And he even gave her a cold…and she still loved it.  I loved watching them and cry as I wish we had family closer. I loved being able to spend time with her as well, even if it was in the hospital.  Skype is great, but nothing will ever replace face to face time.  I was mad at that extra chromosome while we were in the hospital.  Why did one extra chromosome have such an effect on Jack’s immune system and his airways.  But Busia kept me laughing and kept me sane.  Thank you dear Marcia for the gift of your hands and heart…for your love for our Jack and your love for Michael and me.
As Marcia’s visit was coming to an end and we were still in the hospital, my dear mom (Grammy) and my grandmother (Nana) called and offered to come stay with us through Saturday so that once again I/ we could have help and so I could work.  Normally, I could care less about work, but since I have used so much time with Jack, it was inevitable that I needed to work this week.  So, here was blessing #2.  Not only do I get to see my mom and grandma, but they get to see Jack and care for him.  And by caring for him, they are caring for us.  Wow.  To have family come from Denver 1st, and Chattanooga, TN next was a blessing.  To have the women I love and admire touching and caring for our son for almost a week is overwhelming.  I could/ can work knowing that he is the best care and getting more attention and love than he knows what to do with.
Mom and Grandma leave tomorrow and as I think of them leaving, I cry.  I wish Busia, Grammy and Nana could all stay.  I have forgotten how empowering having women you love around is.  I feel like a better mom and person and uplifted just by having them here for a short time.  I know that Jack will grow up and love them just as we do, but I wonder if right now as he sits with them, plays with them and sleeps on them, if his little heart overflows like mine does.  We are blessed beyond measure.  I am such a lucky woman. And Jack is loved over and over again.  I see bits of pieces of them in him.  I can’t wait to see how their love and acceptance grows in him…how their laughter and care comes out in him…he is loved by many women and I know he will be better for it.  I think of people who aren’t close with their families or who don’t have family and I can’t imagine the pain and loneliness that must bring.  So, today, I do not take for granted this love and this gift…I treasure it.
Jack will go back to daycare on Monday, and I pray that the germs will stay away.  Please pray that his immune system will be stronger. 
And we will forever be grateful for the gift of hands and hearts by 3 beautiful, loving women this week.  Thank you Busia, Grammy and Nana.  

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  1. Brandi, I am praying for your family and Little Jack! I pray that the Lord will keep Jack well and that he won't endure anymore sickness for a LONG LONG time! What a blessing it was to have gotten to have your MIL to come and help out! Praise The Lord for Loving Kindness!!
    Praying for you!!