Monday, March 29, 2010

Curse of Comparison

"wow, he is already sitting up"  "look she is holding her bottle"  I wonder when Jack will do such and such like her/him.

The curse of comparison.  We all do it, and I am no exception.  I find myself constantly comparing Jack to other children his own age and even kids a bit older than him focusing on the things he isn't doing yet.  Why do I do this?  Why can't I just remind myself that he will get there and focus on what he is doing.  I suppose it's just our nature and inevitable.  So, I am writing this post to kick my own butt.  To make it my goal to stop comparing my sweet boy and to love all the things he is doing.  And here is what he IS doing:

He is working on holding his bottle, and twice now he has held it all by himself.

He is rolling over like a champ to get what he wants

He is putting more weight on his feet when I hold him up

He is playing with more toys and transferring objects from hand to hand

He is smiling and babbling all the time

He is holding his arms out most of the time when he wants to be picked up

He is pushing up tall on both hands when on his tummy

He is gaining more strength in his big boy high chair and not sliding as much

He is doing much better in the bumpo seat at sitting up

He is imitating mouth movements

He is starting to play with his food more and more

Things we are looking forward to:

finger eating, sitting up, meaningful play and complete bottle holding, imitating sounds

I challenge all of us moms to not get lost in the curse of comparison and to enjoy our perfect little ones just as they are and just where they are at, knowing that loving them is the greatest gift we can give.

Have a great Monday!


  1. Yay, Jack is doing great! It's hard not to compare even with my daughter I did it too. But you are right we have to enjoy them just as they are and know that they will do everything on their own time line.

  2. Comparison can be awfully hard, and this post is a great way to look at all the things he *is* doing. Go Jack!

  3. Oh, it is SO hard not to compare. For us it's a challenge because Sammi's an only child. We think she's doing everything typically, but then when we see her with other kids we get that dose of a reality check. LOL
    Jack's just adorable, and it sounds like he's doing so well!!! :-)