Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby's 1st Christmas!!

Christmas 2009

What a wonderful Christmas it was this year. I have always enjoyed Christmas, but this year it was different. I think being a mom and having a baby in the house is the reason why. It just means more. I was constantly reminded of my love for my 2 boys and couldn't have been any happier. My parents came into town from Chattanooga, TN on Wednesday, December 23rd. They were able to keep Jack Thursday while we went to work. When Michael and I got home, Jack was happy, dinner was served and family was all around. It was so nice to have them in St Louis. Friday, Mom and I took Jack out and we had lunch together and did some Christmas/ grocery shopping. That night we had a true southern dinner: country fried steak, homemade macaroni and cheese, pinto beans and fried okra! Not to mention, coconut cream pie for dessert..mmm :) It was so nice to spend time with them and to watch them hold and play with our son. I was so proud and content. We opened gifts with them on Sunday Morning:
 and more gifts

until Jack was in a sea of paper:

Jack so enjoyed his time with Grammy and Papa:

and we were all sad to see them leave on Monday, December 21st.  It was a wonderful visit, as I have 2 of the most wonderful parents in the world!!!  Thanks for coming up mom and dad!!

Christmas Eve, we all stayed home and watched Love Actually and Christmas Vacation and then went to church with our neighbors and friends, Jamie and Eric. It was a great time. I loved being in church with my 2 boys and singing Christmas carols and listening to the Christmas story. I couldn't help but think about Baby Jesus in the manger as I held my baby and listened. What a miracle and what a humble beginning for such a man.  I loved holding Jack during the service and singing those old songs to him...I was completely content.  Christmas morning Jack woke up at 6:00 and so I went into the nursery to feed him. I was planning to go back to bed to snuggle with Michael, but Michael woke up too and headed downstairs to make coffee.  After coffee, we turned on the video camera and started opening gifts:
It was so much fun!  Jack had no clue what he was doing, or what all the toys were, but he loved the paper and bows!! :)  We opened gifts from many people, Granpa and Busia, Gramma, Santa :), and many friends.  What a wonderful day.  We ate a huge breakfast and then had dinner that evening with close friends of ours, Jamie and Eric.  It was a very Merry Christmas!  I have so much to be thankful for.  What a good year it has been.  Thanks to all of you who have been a part of our lives and who have loved Jack alongside of us.  What a wonderful "vilage" we have to help us rear and love our son.  Thank you all and we hope you have a very Happy New Year!

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