Monday, November 23, 2009

A vent from a protective mother

He’s not “Downs”

I get so tired of hearing people refer to Jack as “Downs”…People say things like, “well, Downs’ kids” or “since he’s downs”..etc.

He is not DOWNS! He is Jack. To be specific, he is Joseph Steven McKenzie and we call him Jack. He is our little boy, the first grandson on my husband’s side and the second grandson on mine. He is our first child and the love of our lives. He is funny and sweet. He loves faces and he loves to talk and touch things. He loves his hands and he enjoys sucking his thumb. He loves to laugh and is ticklish on his sides and thighs. He has the most contagious smile and I can already tell that he has a huge heart. He is so much more than his diagnosis. He loves to look at people and colorful toys. He loves to be held and cuddled. He gives us life and beauty…he gives us purpose and joy…he gives us love and snuggles and laughter. My heart overflows each day when I look at him. And, I too, don’t see “it”. I don’t see the Down Syndrome…all I see is My Jack, my beloved, wonderful and beautiful son. I don’t think it’s fair, but I also know that he is perfect just the way he is and that I wouldn’t change a thing about him, now or never. I am concerned about the future..not for me, but for him. I want him to be happy and healthy and have a wonderful life and I believe he will. Some days I cry, but most days, I don’t even think about it. On hard days, we are caught between 2 extremes constantly…not understanding and understanding…not thinking it’s fair and not wanting to change a thing. The last thing I or my husband want to hear is someone identify our little boy by his diagnosis. So please, please, please…don’t refer to our son as “downs”. That is not who HE is. He is Jack. And he happens to have a genetic disorder called Down Syndrome.


  1. This is so beautiful! I'm from babycenter, I too have a little boy named Bennett and he just happens to have Down syndrome as well:) I know exactly how you feel- I hate it when people say "Downs"!

  2. Jack is a cutie! I just popped over because my friend Rebecca highlighted your blog...and I noticed your little one and my Bean have the same Bday! (she's 3).

  3. jack is a beautiful baby! he is one lucky baby to have such a caring mama. keep your blog going....can't wait to see all the fun his gonna get into as he grows. oxo